A Vixen's Tale

The interactive exhibition, produced for Welsh National Opera and created in partnership with Arcade, the immersive technology company, features a life-size, multi sensory “tunnel book” where visitors can explore the story of The Cunning Little Vixen, a classic opera by Czech composer Leoš Janáček.

London-based visual artist, Xavier Segers was selected to illustrate the characters and scenes from The Cunning Little Vixen. The final result is a striking visual universe that stands strong both in the physical world and in combination with augmented reality. 

The Cunning Little Vixen follows the titular character through her life and the experiences that define her, largely set in and around a forest. Themes were taken from these experiences — from the playfulness of youth through to rebellion, love, joy and, ultimately, grief — and mapped them across the arches, which also came to represent the seasons from spring through to winter. This concept gave us a rich canvas on which to build the physical and digital experiences, walking alongside the Vixen as she journeys through her tale.

To augment the physical experience and respond to the objective of engaging new opera audiences of all ages, an extensive range of playful interactions, immersive illustrations, animations, and soundscapes using location-specific AR, were introduced set across the five arches. Accessed via mobile devices and headphones, visitors can walk with the opera’s titular Vixen, seeing, hearing and participating in her narrative for themselves.

A Vixen’s Tale will run until November 3rd, with plans for it to tour nationally and internationally throughout 2020.

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