Q&A with William Fort

The 'Lost Drawings' exhibition by William Fort at GLTCH GALLERY is in its last week. So we sat down with him to ask a few questions to get a closer look at the artist behind the drawings.

If a fire would break out at GLTCH,

which of your works would you run back for?

I don't like running... but I would probably try to save 'THE CLAIRVOYANT' and 'A CLASSIC THREESOME'. For some reason I had a really good time drawing these two pieces. They were the respectively the first and the last work of the exhibition so they are more significant to me. They also represent the extremities in my drawings: the classical and the completely absurd.


What will the future bring for you and your art?

Currently I'm trying out new works on linen and wood for my next exhibition. I'm also working on publishing my first catalogue.


If you hadn’t been an artist, what would you have been?

I would have been a graphic designer.

All of your drawings are primarily in black and white, would the usage of colour in the future ever happen?

I've made and exhibited some coloured drawings in the past, but they just don't have the same intensity as black and white drawings for me. So I doubt that I'll ever draw in colour again.


Your work is known for being clever and witty, are you like that in real life too?

Let's have a beer together and find out!

The level of detail in your work is astonishing, do you consider yourself a controlefreak?

I consider myself a detail oriented artist, but I also leave room for mistakes, chance and coincidence. When everything is too calculated in advance, the work becomes to sterile. 

Who are your heros and where do you draw inspiration from?

There are many artists I look up to! Robert Longo, Maurizio Cattelan, Eric Yahnker, Robert Mcnally, Karl Haendel,.... are just a few of them. My inspiration can come from litterly everywhere: a song lyric, an image on the internet, a good movie, you name it.

Lost Drawings Exhibition at GLTCH GALLERY

May 3rd - June 17th

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