Stir Creativity!

Team GLTCH was lucky enough to attend Bombay Sapphire’s CANVAS pop-up event in Shoreditch, where 15 artists transform a blank space into a living work of art in 4 days.

Graphic designer Supermundane transformed the building’s façade.

We were welcomed with a glass of gin at the door and were able to "stir our creativity" at the Bombay Sapphire Tonic Wall. Where we had to select one of four colours and flavours, and then complete our drink at the "pick-your-own garnish garden". The bergamot was our personal favourite.

We also tried the white-coloured Bombay Sapphire Canvas cocktail which we could personalise with flavoured edible paints and glitter in the Cocktail Finishing Studio.

Look at our attempt!

After a few drinks we were in the mood and ready to explore the amazing murals and artworks from the chosen artists. It was a great selection of different techniques and styles brought together by artists from all over the world.

On the left is Oliva Bullock adding hand painted pieces of cutout shapes to create a giant collage. Connie Harrison seen on the right took inspiration from the Bombay Sapphire's intuitive approach to experimenting and abstracting flavours to create a perfectly balanced gin with 10 sustainably sourced botanicals

Beth Partridge took inspiration of the botanical alchemy of ingredients along with the sensations and movement of liquid. Beth is known for her exploration of the ambiguity of landscapes - both micro and macro.

Rupert Newman created an interactive projection installation. Touching the walls would create visually stunning effects. It felt like walking through a digital kaleidoscope.

Being a long time fan of Alex May Hughes, it was great to finally see her in action. Alex is a sign painter and glass glider based in West London. She took inspiration for her piece from what she witnessed at the Laverstoke distillery.

Olaf Hajek wanted to show a flowering branch held by a blue hand, which tells a mystical story with elements of exotic birds, animals and a beautiful range of botanicals, inspired by the ingredients and colours of Bombay Sapphire. The bottles are used to look like illuminated pieces of fruit and slpashes of water.

Josh McKenna is a freelance illustrator and for his mural he was inspired by his trip to Bombay Sapphire's Laverstoke Distillery. He enjoyed the Grains of Paradise botanical ingredient so has kept this as the focus; specifically, how it grows on palm style leaves. Adding further to the painting he has included Ghanaian workers picking off the seeds.

Bombay Sapphire’s CANVAS

Where: N&C Showrooms, 3-10 Shoreditch High Street

When: 18th – 21st July 2018, 19:00-23:00

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